New Years Resolutions

Of course, when giving up smoking was the big annual pledge – and it’s the one we all nailed – it begins to get a touch more difficult to conjure up something that anybody would see as challenging or worthwhile. Particularly if you plan on doing something that seems to be all the rage – getting people to give you money for doing something you were planning on doing anyway. Only the incapacitated would stump up sponsorship for a vaper resolving to do nothing but vape menthol orange all January.

Is there a person you share the house with that would appreciate you buying fewer bits of kit? Saving that cash for a weekend trip to Hull to see the Museum of Discarded Soiled Packaging? There’s a resolution idea right there: become an absolute intolerable moron. You probably won’t even need to keep it up for much beyond the start of February. Pretty soon your loved ones will be begging you to spend more money – and therefore time away from them – on growing your vape collection.

Underhand? Possibly, so maybe you’re one of those people who would prefer something less Machiavellian. How about focussing on juices? You might be one of those folks who protest: “I’m never paying that price for a liquid! I could feed a family of ducks for months on the money and make that myself for 30p.â€

Trying an expensive juice could be the resolution to add some spice to your life. Fair enough, we understand that whenever your partner fancies going out for a meal you make fish finger sandwiches and pocket the cash you would have spent – but this is only going to be a couple of quid and might bring a smile to your face.

Or how about going in the opposite direction? The sheer range of liquid available to us isn’t going to be here forever as the TPD hits, so why not have a pop at some of the 99p budget liquids? You never know, there might be something that actually tickles your fancy out there.

Then there’s always the old favourite of learning to DIY juice. Nothing matches the sense of achievement of having made something yourself (aside from getting other people to make it for you properly while you watch TV). Sure, it doesn’t work very well nine times out of ten, and it tastes of socks. There’s the next resolution: learn to DIY better. You never know, this might be a good skill to have when bottles shrink and prices expand.

Lastly, add ‘try to make a fancy coil’ onto the list of things you might like to achieve in the coming year. There’s bound to be at least one rainy day when you don’t fancy going anywhere. If you need the wire to make them, we’ve got it. Plus, if you fancy cheating, why not buy some of our premade coils to impress your friends and relations.