Stealthvape Funding Research

The research proposal goes under the title of “Temperature of evaporation, liquid consumption and vapor analysis in realistic conditions†and the crowd-funding page can be found here.

The organising team consists of Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis along with Doctor Konstantinos Farsalinos, the well-known researcher and e-Cig advocate.

The research is going to look at how temperature of the vape alters with changes in power supplied to the coil and time spent on each inhale. It is seeking to identify what toxins might be produced in relation to increased vapour temperature, if there is a method of maintaining pleasure but decreasing the temperature and carrying out the very first analysis of all resistance levels & wicking materials.

The testing will be carried out in a laboratory and also using a clinical study, co-opting volunteer vapers to be studied. “This will give us realistic information, avoiding conditions such as dry puffs which are detected by the users but cannot be detected in laboratory conditions.â€

What will be of real benefit from the results of this work is that we will have data linking any potentially hazardous chemicals to power and temperature, something of huge importance to everyone who uses our materials. We believe that this is very beneficial so that we can make informed choices in the future.

“The study will allow vapers make informed decisions on how to use the devices.â€

Although Doctor Farsalinos is mainly seeking financial support from the vaping industry he is keen that everyone gets involved to spread the word about this responsible approach to self-regulation.


What can I do?

  • Use social media to share this page and the crowd-funding page.
  • Let politicians and healthcare professionals know about it, if you communicate with them.