The Trumpomizer

It is very rare that we come across vape items exuding this level of quality. It is exceptional that one atomiser can appeal to absolutely everybody (*except Mexicans, social democrats or terrorists). The atomiser was designed and built  100% in the USA by a Trump employee picking up the phone and calling China.

The first 1,000 units come in a gift box with a free sample of Trump Hair cotton wick – that works by placing a tuft at a jaunty angle on the top of the drip tip.

What can we say about it that the great man hasn’t already said to a large crowd while having people ejected by security: “I know lots of reviewers. I know the best reviewers. They are behind this atomizer 100% because they know I would not put my name to anything shoddy or likely to fail. And it won’t fail because I have all the vapes. I have the flavor vapes, I have the cloudy vapes, I have the vapey vapes. I have all the vapes. And this Trump atomizer, everyone wants it. Even people who don’t want to vape want it because they want a bit of me because I’m successful in everything I do.â€


  • It is the only atomiser that looks like one of Trump’s buildings.
  • It is the only atomiser that stands a chance of defeating ISIS.
  • It can even be held in small hands with cocktail-sausage fingers.
  • It comes in a range of one colour, that being billionaire/cheesy gold.
  • It would perform quite well during a televised election debate.
  • Anyone calling it ridiculous will be sued.

So, The Trump Atomiser – coming soon.