Vape Thieves

Stories like this one carried in the Burton Mail exemplify how the dead-eyed, light-fingered menace stalks our streets. Well, maybe “stalk†is the wrong word as it’s far more likely that they shuffle, hunched over unless fuelled with the cheap cider of their choice – then it would be all shouts and randomly falling into street furniture.

People work hard for the things they own, but some folks seem to think they can take whatever they want. “Oh the business has insurance,†they cry. The independent vape market isn’t one where all the business owners are driving around in fancy cars, throwing ten pound notes from the window. Almost all are living on less than minimum wage as they reinvest in making the company better for the customers. Not just that, there has also been a huge cost as a direct result of the Tobacco Products Directive. An insurance claim leads to increased premiums – which mean higher prices for the customer.

But this isn’t even a case of a company claiming after some low-life has made away with a bag of juices. This is about Szilvia the well-liked store manager at Van Dyke Vapes. This is about her personal mobile phone, something that carries precious memories and personal information. Precious memories and personal information that can’t be replaced and are now lost thanks to this gentleman. Precious memories and personal information that are now lost, but are replaced with a personal bill for a new mobile phone.

That’s not fair.

That’s not right.

Maybe you live in Yorkshire? Maybe you know a few other vapers and recognise this chap? Maybe you don’t live in Yorkshire and don’t recognise the gentleman, but sharing it on your social media accounts will help someone else to identify him?

You can contact them at: 01756 796662

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Let’s show how the vape community can be a force for good – let’s track this guy down.