On when the one you love says “Goodbye”

There were all the times when I looked for comfort and fulfilment only to find the store was empty and I’d have to wait. The paranoid side of me would set to work: who else had been here? How come I’m being spurned?

I can still remember the burning pain of realisation as if it was only yesterday. This is because of because of two things: I’ve got a decent memory for stuff like this and, secondly, it was only yesterday. Yep, this is an unrequited love song filled with still fresh in the mouth misdirected rawness and anger.

Was it something I’d not done? Had I not been there when it mattered?

I’d taken you everywhere with me, through good times and bad we’ve been inseparable since we met. Now there’s nothing left except your scent.

For sure, I’d played the field in days gone by…gather ye rosebuds and all that. We all go through that experimental phase to see what matches us as people, our tastes, our needs. But in the end I found the one that would see me through until everything was over and buried. Nothing else compared to you, as Sinead O’Connor sang; the contentment I felt, the fulfilment – I know I’m still going through the denial phase but I can’t see me ever having anything like this in my life again.

Why House of Liquid? Why?! A Dear Dave note? Noooooo…

In a world of coffee vapes there has only ever been Brasileiro for me. The sweet ones can take a running jump, the expressos taste like vaping raw petroleum by-products. Brasileiro was everything I ever wanted in a coffee vape and it’s all I want now. Oh no, I think the realisation phase is kicking in, I feeling morose and tearful.

“It’s only an eliquid, Dave, it’s only an eliquid. There’s plenty more bottles of juice in the sea of mixed metaphors.â€

I’m a man who likes to have an atty for every mod and a juice just for that atty. What the flipping blazes am I to do now with the Versa? I don’t have a juice for it. I’m thinking I’ll just place it to a side and mournfully suck on its battery-less corpse, breathing the ebbing sense of flavour until it will become a homeopathic tool with nothing more than memories of the juice.


If you would like to contribute to MawsleyAid then please send your donations of full or empty Brasileiro bottles to: “The saddest man in Mawsley, Mawsley, Mawsleyshire.â€

Thank you for listening to me, it helps. :’(