One Billion Lives

One Billion Lives is a film by Aaron Biebert. Biebert is a non-smoker who has never vaped, but after seeing the struggle his friends faced was amazed nobody had documented the corruption, lies and disinformation being used by people supposedly promoting public health.

Seventy-three percent of our survey’s respondents reported that they previously suffered from an ailment as a result of their smoking. Ninety-three percent of respondents went on to say how their health had improved as a result of them switching to vaping. Our survey was clear: vaping works as a quit tool and delivers health benefits.

We are used to the negativity in the media, it has become a predictable part of the coverage of vaping. Whenever there is a positive study there will be an immediate slew of scare stories and a laughably bad piece of opposition “researchâ€. It is facts like this that informed the making of One Billion Lives.

“Everywhere we look, we see big business interests corrupting the truth and affecting millions of lives,†writes Biebert. “We see that in the food industry, healthcare, government, and now with alternatives to smoking. With nearly unlimited funds, the big money always seems to drown out the truth when it suits them.â€

“As filmmakers, it’s our job to tell stories that need telling, give voices to the voiceless, and make our world a better place. It’s not every day that filmmakers get to tell a story that can change the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. With A Billion Lives, we have that chance and we’re not going to waste it.â€

We hope that the film goes on to be a huge success and many non-vapers get to see it. There are some select screenings coming up near you – but you need to book a ticket in advance to guarantee the film will be shown. Why not take along a bunch of friends too!

Or maybe you would like to arrange a screening nearer to you? One Billion Lives offers a risk-free chance to arrange a showing in your local cinema – you can read more here.

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