New Vape Wire Branding

Updated branding for vape wire reels rolling out now!

Starting in May…

We’ve been using new labels and branding on our 70mm vaping wire reels as we spool them.

As for 50mm reels we’re going to use up the last of our stock and move over to using 70mm exclusively for all vape wire types and lengths.


Stealthvape wire reel branding

Thermal Overprint

We’re printing our new labels with a pair of industrial Honeywell Datamax M-Class 4206 Mk II thermal transfer printers. The label stock we use is CMYK pre printed labels that are custom made for us by a leading commercial printers. 

50mm labels for the smaller reels we’re gradually phasing out will continue to be printed on a Primera LX900.

These changes allow us to have a more consistent branding and label quality across all of our vaping wire products. The new process also offers us a more environmentally sound solution to our labelling requirements.

Batch monitoring

Printing labels on demand also allows us to print batch information onto vape wire reels and clapton wire shots labels. This allows us in the highly unlikely event of a quality control issue to quickly identify the product in question, and to take swift action to rectify any identified issues.

Wire shots have a batch ID, and reels have a 2d barcode. These indicate batch number, manufacturer, date of production and even the person who spooled that particular reel. At Stealthvape we value transparency and accountability. These changes empower our buyers.

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