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Evolv DNA250C – What we know so far

You can find our Evolv DNA250C listing HERE
Due to some regulation or other, the USA version will have a slightly different output with a 3s battery configuration. As we understand, there is nothing that prevents either firmware being used regardless of geographical location or point of sale.
Battery Configuration USA INTERNATIONAL
2s 200w 200w
3s 250w 300w
4s 400w 400w

**RUMOUR UPDATE – The USA firmware is limited to 250w for 4s**

  • Usable as 2s, 3s or 4s
  • Colour Screen
  • Button layout as DNA75C (Fire, up, down, select)
  • Charging current has been confirmed at 2a
  • Maximum input voltage is 16.8v
  • Maximum output voltage is 12.4v
  • Maximum output wattage 400w

Board dimension are slightly different. Most notably the board is 2mm wider.

A new feature called Replay has been mentioned by Brandon in the below video interview by DJLsb Vapes. Replay lets you in a sense record your perfect vape by selecting replay directly after having that vape then future vapes follow the same power profile.

So that’s what we know. On reflection the main points of interest for us with the DNA250C are the colour screen and the potential of the new replay feature, but most of all the extra watt hours that an extra cell provides. We’ll still vape day to day at our regular wattage of just a touch over 100w, but with a starting voltage of 16.8v for a fully charged 4s pack we expect a significantly longer run time from a single charge.
To compare using the watt hour calculator in Escribe, a 3s 1300mAh  lipo works out @ 14.43Wh, and 4s 1300mAh @ 19.24Wh an expected increase of 33%.  So expect to get a third extra usage using a similar mAh pack in 4s.
We’ve made an DNA250C enclosure that supports a 4s 2200mAh lipo.
4s / 2200mAh is a whopping 32.56Wh. So if you were a fan of our DNA250 enclosure that used a 3s 1300mAh @ 14.43Wh you can expect at least double the usage on a single charge.
Here’s some useful links
DNA250C Enclosure BLACK / PLAIN
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