The Lords Vape Vote

Lord Callanan is currently in discussion to find out whether it would be possible to gain support for the other motion he has tabled, where the Lords would express “regret†that the Tobacco Products Directive will limit product choice, advertising, ignore latest evidence and potentially drive vapers back to smoking.

If you want to look for someone to blame then Ash UK have to shoulder their fair share of it. Reading through the response that Labour’s shadow health minister has sent out, it is like Deborah Arnott herself wrote it. For some reason Ash, Labour and the Lib Dems do not see it as a problem that nicotine strength is being limited.

Labour’s position is encapsulated by this statement about 10ml limits: “it is important to note that the prohibition of container size to 10ml only comes into force on 20 May 2017, which allows ample time for manufacturers to make the better quality e-liquids available within the legal size limit.†As if the size of a container has anything to do with eliquid quality?

Stealthvape Towers is now a collection of sad pandas, sat around in their pants looking distinctly grumpy.

It is inevitable that we will receive messages asking us how we suggest responding to this situation. We believe that the case for adopting a common sense approach to harm reduction and vaping has to continue to be presented to politicians. As they campaign for the referendum, an ideal opportunity presents itself to collar them and bend their ears.

Regarding the vote: We are making no suggestions as to which way you should vote in the referendum. We believe it is a personal decision and many factors may influence how you do it.

Moving forward, we will continue to press upon our local elected officials the case for a better way of dealing with vaping products.