Titanium V – Down to the Wire

Customer demand has been overwhelming due to the increasing popularity of TC mods. Consequently, we have been searching for the best quality Ti wire for you and we’ve found it. The wire will be available on 10 metre reels, is vacuum annealed and retains a bright shiny surface finish. It has been produced from certified medical-grade 1 titanium billet stock and is available in two diameters: 0.40mm/26AWG and 0.50mm/24AWG.

It is important to note that there are different types of TC mods. Some of the chips are only set up for nickel while others can use both nickel and titanium. There are vapers who are using titanium on their nickel-only TC mods, you may come across their comments, but they will not work as well.

Nickel and titanium perform differently in use. As the coil heats up its resistance changes, the TC mod measures this resistance change as an indication of temperature – it doesn’t measure the temperature directly. This means you will not get the best experience using titanium in a nickel-only TC mod as the resistance (and therefore the temperature) will be different to that of nickel at a given setting in use.

Why not Kanthal?

The beauty of Kanthal for non-TC use is that as it heats its resistance barely changes. This makes it ideal for mech mods and traditional regulated devices but renders it pretty useless in TC mode.

Manufacturers who now include an option for titanium include Diocedes, Joyetech, Infinite and a number of manufacturers using Infinite’s clone chip. Whether or not it gives a better vaping experience will be something only you can say but we do know that where the market sees demand it will grow to accommodate it like it has with high wattage chips before.

The manufacturers of these titanium-using TC chips have said to us that it is safe to use the wire and we’re happy to trust them to bear the responsibility of that statement. After all, we are big fans of the freedom of the individual to choose. And those of you who would like to choose titanium wire have been hammering at the door telling us to stock it.

We would like to point out that titanium wire is not to be used with non-TC devices. Further to that, you do not want to dry-burn the coil either even if it is on a dedicated mod. If your coil changes to a blueish or golden hue then you are probably safe to continue using it – but once it reaches the stage where you would be tempted to dry-burn off the accumulated gubbins we would strongly recommend you simply replace the coil instead.

Stealthvape’s medical-grade 1 Ti wire will be available from this page.