Important Message

Firstly, and we gave this no second thought, we are now refusing to accept the new £5 note. Every time a payment is now made via card or through PayPal we write to them to ensure only normal money is being paid into our account. We are now spending half a day a week going to the bank to look inside our account to make certain that no fivers have slipped through the net.

While we believe the nearest thing to heaven is a bacon sandwich (or a Porterhouse and chips when hungry), we do understand the objections of money being made out of them. Actually, we don’t. Most of the objections skipped us by, but we are pretty certain they have something to do with there being less bacon and steak about – a pretty horrific scenario we’re sure you agree.

Also, it’s not certain that anyone had thought about what would happen if a note was dropped in a field and eaten by a cow. That would make it a double cow and therefore make burgers cost more. The Royal Mint has really dropped the ball on this one. Maybe.

This isn’t a first, we have been at the cutting edge of animal rights within vaping – we just didn’t like to talk about it. Last year, Stealthvape became the very first vape accessory company to certify that none of our kanthal type wire was manufactured using the whiskers of ocelots. None of our competitors offer you that guarantee and, we think, that says quite a lot.

It is progressive, sensitive policies like this that spurred us on to appraise our other products like the wick materials. None of the cotton is tested on puppies. Anymore. True, we used to put loads of cotton wool balls into a room and release baskets of puppies to romp about, but we were never really sure why. It was very cute though. But as sweet and loveable as the situation was, we are a company for the 21st Century and recognise that this has no part to play in modern vaping.

Unlike other companies (who we will not name), we do not force our goldfish to eat DNA chips. It’s a barbaric practise, wholly unjustifiable, and one that we haven’t nor never will partake in. We call on these other companies (again, the law prevents us but you know who) ‘stop harming the goldfish’.

You can always rely on Stealthvape. All products guaranteed not to contain or be tested on *cute animals.

*Animals that aren’t cute may be fair game though, but we’re going to wait to find out which direction the Internet flaming-torch mob are heading first.