Custom Contact Calculator

custom contact calculator


Tired of winging it when costing up the contacts for your new mod design?

Want a specific and fast answer tailored to your needs?

Stealthvape has got you sorted.

We’re on a mission to make modding easy.

Pricing up a run of devices for market can be a faff,  so we’re providing you with a tool to make things a breeze.

Behold! The Stealthvape Custom Contact Design Calculator.

The calculator


We’ve created an easy to use calculator that allows you to painlessly and securely upload you CAD design file. Our technical genius and wizardry will then estimate the cost of cutting that design. Simple.

If you’d like extra services such as bending, etching or dimpling, then ensure your design details this and add any further instructions to the file. We will then contact you with a revised estimate reflecting the extra works in our usual lightning fast manner, making the whole process as painless and faff free as possible.

Wholesale discount calculations are automatically applied during the checkout process, again ensuring clarity and ease when placing your order.

Designing and producing custom contacts for your clients has never been so easy!

For further details on how to use our new tool head over the calculator page now!