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A little bit of politics

“A little bit of politics!” was, for anyone old enough to remember, Ben Elton’s catchphrase on Friday Night Live. For a large number of people now a little bit of politics is a little bit too much – and so this will attempt to be as apolitical as it is possible to be.

As vapers (or however else you elect to term yourself) I’m sure that very few of us are unaware that legislation of some form or other is heading our way. The lengths to which it will impact upon us may vary due to how you vape, what you vape with, where and when. All that we can hope for is that the decisions made are based on sound science, fair and reasonable.

Sub-ohm Vaping

The fashion for sub-ohm vaping continues to flourish within the vaping community and so for those of you starting out here is a beginner’s guide. Those who chase big clouds at low ohms need to know to do so safely and is only recommended for experienced vapers who are not new to coiling drippers.

Firstly, sub-ohm vaping can be dangerous.

You need to be able to use Ohm’s Law, accurately measure the resistance of your coils, appreciate how coils work when placed in parallel and know what maximum constant current your battery can cope with. Also the juice you use ought to be tailored for very low resistances.

The Biology of Vaping

There used to be a simple divide – two species of vaper lived exclusively in the Republic of Clone or Elitistland. Crossbreeding near the border resulted in offspring that was then caught in the crossfire of a conflict. A struggle that almost everyone else knew little about and cared even less for. Diverse breeds now occupy various niches and we provide this handy to follow guide for people wanting to spot vapers in their natural habitats. When United Nations peacemakers departed from the battle-scarred landscape they detailed the following genera for Family Vaper.

Winning the ASHes

The Action on Smoking and Health charity (ASH UK) carry out annual reports, starting from 2010, examining the use of electronic cigarettes in the UK. From 2013 the survey was expanded to include children and teenagers. The most recent report was released last week, 24th April 2014.

The research was carried out using YouGov and the sample size was extrapolated to indicate the picture of national habits, opinions and behavioral trends. A total of 14,447 people were surveyed.


“Dear forum, can you please recommend the best juice/atty/mod for me.”

Single wick, dual coil, silica, mesh, flavour, sub-ohm vaping…as quick as everyone on a forum is talking about one aspect of vaping it suddenly switches to another focus like a tectonic plate suddenly shifting over another.

Take juices: one minute everyone is raving about the stuff from one supplier but give it a couple of weeks and suddenly you rarely hear about their wares as the hoard move on to discover the latest, greatest thing. This is simply an observation of online dynamics and not a criticism.