Monthly Archives: February 2020

Imperial High Command Legislation

Up popped a picture today. I was sitting writing some nonsense and the computer made that noise computers do when they want your attention. Rob had clicked ‘like’ on a picture I’d edited from a picture he’d posted. I’d liked his picture too.

Those are moments when I love computers, an interaction with someone in a different part of the country. We shared a mutual moment in a cloud of data. We briefly connected. No harm done…and yet…I felt a movement in The Force.

Sub-ohm Vaping

The fashion for sub-ohm vaping continues to flourish within the vaping community and so for those of you starting out here is a beginner’s guide. Those who chase big clouds at low ohms need to know to do so safely and is only recommended for experienced vapers who are not new to coiling drippers.

Firstly, sub-ohm vaping can be dangerous.

You need to be able to use Ohm’s Law, accurately measure the resistance of your coils, appreciate how coils work when placed in parallel and know what maximum constant current your battery can cope with. Also the juice you use ought to be tailored for very low resistances.





…..isn’t here, but we’ve  plenty of things worth getting yourself indignantly over excited about. Many folk were mortified at the bare faced nerve we had to offer you a 33% discount on our wire reels, but we didn’t care. We were even less bothered about what people thought when we hit you with a cynical cash grab 15% discount on Evolv DNA Boards. And now we’re about to something else as equally irksome and daft.

So prepare yourselves for some awesome lack of innovation followers of fashion! This one is almost as good as a pod. We’re going to completely and totally surprise you by giving you a total slap in the expectations. You’re going to feel as cheap and dirty as our  idea.

Ready for it?