5 Ways To Get The Most From Reflex

5 ways to get the most from evolv reflex

Make most of your Evolv Reflex

You’ve got your Reflex and you’re loving it. Want to know how to keep it tip top?

Follow our quick and easy tips for getting the best from your Reflex below!

reflex evolv uk

1: Choose the right liquid

Reflex works differently to every other vape device, tightly controlling aerosol particle size, airflow and temperature. User safety is a number one priority. The temperature of the coil and the aerosol produced is controlled to minimise the creation of unwanted byproducts.

Many eliquids contain components which only volatalise at a temperature where unwanted compounds are formed, such as acetaldehyde from overheated VG which gives off a sweet aroma or taste. Reflex minimises your exposure to these hazardous substances, and as such your usual liquid may not taste exactly the same.

2: Put the fill plugs in the right way !

This is absolutely crucial. Although relatively difficult to do, if the plugs aren’t facing the correct way, then the airflow and vape isn’t going to work quite the way that it should. Reflex utilises groundbreaking pressure and velocity analysis technologies, and putting the plugs the wrong way round means it isn’t going to deliver the power that you’re after. Again, nothing bad will ever happen, but you’re not going to have the best of all possible puffs.

Evolv Reflex Fill Plug Alignment
Don't ever fill Evolv Reflex, ever

3: Don’t overfill

Sounds obvious, but don’t put too much liquid in when you fill up the pod. As with all pod devices, if you overfill then there’s two possible unwanted things that can happen. Firstly, if there’s too much liquid in the pod, when you replace the fill plugs, the pressure may force liquid into the coil and cause a little flooding. This may escape through the inlets in the base of the pod, creating the illusion of a “leak”.

The second thing that can happen is that if there’s no room for a little air inside the pod, then what’s known as a “vapour lock” may occur. Wicking depends upon air pressure, and if there’s no air inside the pod then liquid may not flow as easily into the coil. This may potentially dry the coil and produce a weak vape. Don’t worry, you won’t ever get a dry hit, but your experience isn’t going to be the best that it can be.

4: Stay Tidy

Remember to mop up any spillages or condensate after every refill. We recommend gently dabbing any residue with a paper towel. This will ensure optimal performance and keep your Reflex in tip-top condition.

Evolv Reflex Pods
Evolv Reflex in UK

5: Keep the battery topped up

Reflex uses state of the art battery management and power delivery and is incredibly highly efficient. You’ll be surprised by how long it seems to go between recharge cycles, but there’s no harm in keeping it topped up where you can.

So if you’re near a computer or USB charger, why not give it a five minute charge when you can? Remember the device only takes roughly 40 -45 minutes to charge from completely empty, so you’ll be impressed with how much you can get in it on a cheeky little top-up charge.

Reflex: Easy to use, easy to look after!

That’s all there is to it!

Follow these simple tips and look at our How To Use Guide and you’ll be set for the best Reflex experience around!

If you haven’t picked one up yet, devices are available here and spare pod cartridges can be bought here.

Reflex is simplicity defined.

ways to use reflex evolv

How To Use Evolv Reflex

how to use reflex

How To Use Evolv Reflex

The Evolv Reflex is a sophisticated and complex piece of tech, yet it’s incredibly easy to use. 

Just follow the steps shown in the video below to enjoy a fuss free, satisfying cigarette-like experience. 

Reflex is simplicity defined.

That’s all there is to it, you’re all set to go. 

Almost as easy as a cigarette.

Reflex is available in a range of luxurious colours here and replacement pod cartridges can be found here.

Christmas & New Year Holiday Schedule

Christmas and New Year's shipping schedule at Stealthvape

Christmas and New Year's Shipping Schedule

Mail networks and Coronavirus

Globally, mail providers are struggling to keep up with the increased seasonal volumes in an already fragile and overworked mail system. Extended delivery times are guaranteed. Please use either Special Delivery or DHL for orders you need to arrive quickly.

More information about this issue can be read HERE

It’s That Time of Year Again Folks!

The Holiday Season is upon us and we at Stealth HQ are excited!

It’s been a bit of a weird one has 2020, and we’d like to let you know just how much we’ve appreciated your support throughout these most vexing of times.

Let us look forward to good times ahead, and make the next few weeks all cheery and nice. If you’re thinking of showing your dear ones how much you love them by giving them the gift of mod parts, below are the shipping dates you need to know in order for them to get their goodies on time.

christmas post

Royal Mail’s collection schedule is as follows:

Monday 21st Dec – Normal Service

Tuesday 22nd Dec – Normal Service till 3PM

***23rd – 28th NO SERVICE***

Tuesday 29th Dec – Normal Service

Wednesday 30th Dec – Normal Service

***31st Dec – 3rd Jan NO SERVICE***


Have a Happy Holiday Stealthfans!

We hope you all have a fabulous time over the next few weeks. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with news and developments as they happen. Keep your eyes on our socials, and an eye on your chimeys.

Santa may very well be bringing some stuff from Evolv!

christmas stealthvape

Evolv Reflex & EScribe SP24 Update

Evolv EScribe SP24 with Reflex Support

Evolv have released EScribe SP24 with updated functionality to support Reflex devices and likely includes any available minor firmware updates for their other board products.

First time users should be aware this is an update package, so if installing for the first time you should install SP17 HERE then upgrade to SP24

Reflex by Evolv is an e-cigarette specifically developed for smokers to closely simulate the smoking experience. It uses data models of conventional cigarettes, along with tightly controlled temperature control and air pressure monitoring to react and work “just like a cigarette”

At this time Reflex are only available for USA customers directly from Evolv’s website

A worldwide release is intended, expect an update when we know more.

Evolv Reflex with 10ml eliquid bottle for scale
Evolv Reflex
Evolv Reflex pod up close

One notable feature for Reflex devices in EScribe is the ability to add eliquid strength in mg in device monitor. This will then accurately track your nicotine usage per puff.

Here at Stealthvape HQ we’re pretty excited to see new developments as we’re sure you all are. It’s been a dreary post apocalyptic wasteland of samey but slightly different for a while (years) so it’s refreshing to see something as innovative as the technology and design behind Reflex.

We think that some time back, back to the early days when eGo devices were a new thing what we used to call ecigarettes branched into vaping and ecigarettes.

Vaping as we knew it became a fascinating cloudy sub culture, full of design innovation, sub  types, flavours, shiny things, hand checks. Growing into it’s own thing.

Ecigarettes, as we knew them in the dark ages were solely focussed on one prime directive. Quitting or cutting down smoking. And that side of the technology stalled, put on pause patiently waiting for Evolv to step in and continue saving smokers.

Vaping is a sport, smoking cessation is for life, literally.

Consider the cigarette solved

You can directly download Escribe SP24 HERE or from the EScribe section on the Evolv website

Curves Are In Baby !!

escribe downloads

Escribe Battery Curves, TFR / TCR Curves and Mod Thermals Downloads

Curves are in baby!!

That’s right. Our awesome downloads section just got even more awesome.

We’ve created three brand new sections which are going to be fantastically useful. You’ll now find dedicated areas for TCR/ TFR Curves, Mod Thermals and Battery Discharge Curve CSVs. All in one easy to navigate place.

We want people to have the best possible experience when using our wire. By doing this we’re giving you the tools to achieve the best results when using a DNA mod in temperature control.

So what exactly are these mystical curvy things? 

Read on and we shall explain below.

TFR/ TCR Curves.

A TCR Curve (Temperature Co-efficient of Resistance) is a plotted chart depicting mathematical rises in a material’s resistance coefficient of the material’s temperature. For example, a Ni200 coil when heated will rise in resistance quite markedly. This rise can be predicted at a given temperature using whizzy maths, and a temperature controlled capable board will be able to use this information to maintain a temperature at the coil and prevent dry hits. It is the basis of all temperature control vaping. Props to Evolv for coming up with that sorcery.

A TFR (Temperature Factor of Resistance) is similar to TCR, but is based on actual observed measurements rather than pure mathematics. We built a complicated and probably quite dangerous rig and measured the TFR of our wire, giving us accurate real-life TFR data. Lars from Steam Engine (a genius and a gentleman) then used this data and translated it into downloadable CSV format to be used with DNA devices. We want people to have the best possible experience when using our wire. By doing this we’re giving you the tools to achieve the best results.

All our TFR/ TCR files can be found int the “Wire TFR Files” section of the downloads page here.

If you want to find out how we got our results, read our blog post on it here

Mod thermals

In order for Temperature Control and Replay to perform as accurately, efficiently and effectively as possible, the board needs to know the parameters in which it is calculating. The marvellous mind of the DNA constantly analyses, calibrates and controls a multitude of variables, and in doing so needs to understand it’s operating environment. The temperature sensor is situated on the board, so the DNA uses data collected from case analysis to accurately predict room temperature and the starting temperature of the coil. It does this by a real room temperature measurement being entered at the beginning of case analysis and then monitors board temperature during charging to understand how the internal mod temperature relates to the actual room temperature. Put simply, the board more accurately determines the starting temperature of the coil with this information.The information from TFR/ TCR curves can then be applied, using the case analysis data as the starting temperature point. This allows for greater accuracy in temperature.control and gives you the best vaping experience possible.

In this section of the Downloads facility we present you with Mod Case Thermal data for our devices. Feel free to download and use them according to your will.

Battery Discharge Curves.


Escribe has a function called “Battery Analyser” which allows you to run a cell discharge cycle according to cell cut-offs and various output wattages (the most common being 40 watts). The analyser carefully plots the voltage decrease as the cell is drained and generates data that can be outputted in .csv format. These curves can then be uploaded to your device to ensure the board is monitoring and reading the current state of your cell correctly whilst you are using it. Whilst this won’t magically add another 10,000 mAh to your battery, it will calibrate the monitoring and information display accurately according to the cells you are using. This way both you and the mod will know exactly the state of your cell and avoid any erroneous readings. 40% remaining  will be 40% usable charge and you won’t get diddled thinking it’s higher. 

We have a wide selection of curves available for many popularly used cells. We have csv data for single cells, 2S and 3S configurations. We shall add many more as they become available. Special thanks goes to Michael Schmidt for providing us with much data taken from his site dna200.de. We also offer up many curves generated by us using a resistor bank made up of two 200w 0.1ohm power resistors in series ,mounted onto an aluminium heatsink to disburse heat  We are running more tests and will be updating the site with curves regularly.


So where can we get these sexy curves?


 In the Downloads section here.

 At Stealthvape we like to keep it simple, and are on a mission to make mod making as easy as possible. As well as providing you with the best, highest quality mod parts and materials, we believe in giving you more. We will be constantly updating the site with useful new info. Be sure to follow us on social media  for more upcoming handy new features.  Please like, share and comment on our posts and let us know what you’d like to see on the site.

If you have any files you’d like to share here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to share them amongst the community.



Custom Contact Calculator

custom contact calculator
custom contact calculator


Tired of winging it when costing up the contacts for your new mod design?

Want a specific and fast answer tailored to your needs?

Stealthvape has got you sorted.

We’re on a mission to make modding easy.

Pricing up a run of devices for market can be a faff,  so we’re providing you with a tool to make things a breeze.

Behold! The Stealthvape Custom Contact Design Calculator.

The calculator


We’ve created an easy to use calculator that allows you to painlessly and securely upload you CAD design file. Our technical genius and wizardry will then estimate the cost of cutting that design. Simple.

If you’d like extra services such as bending, etching or dimpling, then ensure your design details this and add any further instructions to the file. We will then contact you with a revised estimate reflecting the extra works in our usual lightning fast manner, making the whole process as painless and faff free as possible.

Wholesale discount calculations are automatically applied during the checkout process, again ensuring clarity and ease when placing your order.

Designing and producing custom contacts for your clients has never been so easy!

For further details on how to use our new tool head over the calculator page now!

Guide to Replacement DNA Screens

dna screen replacement
choosing the right DNA screen replacement

Choosing the correct replacement DNA screen can be a bit of a faff. Nowhere near as tricky as patting your head whilst rubbing your tummy, but there’s definitely a few things you need to be aware of.

Whilst the newer Evolv boards ( don’t call them DNA chips, you’ll be barred) share the same screens, some of the older DNA boards can have some confusing options. There’s DNA 60 small screen and large screen choices. Then there’s DNA 40 large screens and small screens. There’s DNA 30’s, DNA 75’s, 200’s and more. Working out which screen is compatible with which board can be a nightmare if you’re noob or simply not paying that much attention.

Trust me. I’ve  bought the wrong screen twice.

DNA Replacement Screens: A Visual

Here you can see the types of DNA replacement screens available. Not many, but enough to befuddle the mind of the modder. Let’s look at each one one in turn, find out what they are and which screen is the right one for your mod.

The screens:
  1. DNA 20 / 25 / 30 / 40 Small Screen*
  2. DNA 60 Small Screen ** 
  3. DNA 40 large / 60 large*** / 75 / 200 / 250
  4. DNA 75C / 100C / 250C

* Flex cable soldered to board

**Must have small screen DNA60 firmware

***Must have large screen DNA60 firmware

confused yet?

I am.

So here’s a little table which might make things a bit clearer.

Replacement screen dna20 dna30 dna40
Small Soldered
DNA40 Small
Replacement screen for Evolv DNA60 Small screen baords
DNA60 Small
Replacement screen for dna40, dna60, dna75, dna200, dna250
DNA40 Large
DNA60 Large
Evolv DNA Screens
DNA Screen Sorted?

Hopefully the above has made things a little easier for you and things are now a little less confuddling.

As always, our mission is to make mod making as simple as it can be, and as such we’ve provided a load of files which may be of use in our awesome site Downloads section here.

Our selection of DNA boards can be found here, replacement screens can be located here and our epic board mounting kits are to be found here.

Be sure to utilise Escribe to keep your firmware fresh, but for those seeking early service packs or wishing to tinker further, check out the Evolv Forum thread here.

Be sure to follow our social media for Evolv news as we get it, and why not join our “Approved Modders” group on Facebook for build tips, hints and advice?

We’re here to help if we can.


DNA 75C Cut Out CAD Files

Evolv DNA 75C cut out file download


DNA 75C Screen & Button Cut Out CAD Files are here!!

CAD designing a DNA 75C mod?

Faceplate, screen and button getting you down? 

Then you’re going to absolutely bloody love this…

DNA75C DXF Files

We’re on a mission to make mod making easy,  so we’ve made you some DNA 75c faceplate cutout 3D CAD files. 

These DNA 75C faceplate files allow you to import the cutout layout directly onto a face in your design. No more faffing about trying to get the screen, buttons and screws in the right place. Using these files could spare you unnecessary woe, and we think they’re an awesome and useful idea.

DNA 75C Mounting, Actuators and Faceplates

Our downloadable DNA 75c files work flawlessly with our dna 75c face plates, DNA 75C mounting parts and our epic custom DNA 75C actuators.  By using these files in conjunction with our parts, your mod design and build couldn’t get much easier.


You can find DNA 75c Faceplates here

Mounting parts for the DNA 75C are here

DNA 75C actuators and buttons can be picked up here.


As with all the useful 3D box mod files we offer,  feel free to use these files on a shout out basis. Adapt, mutate and prosper.  All we ask is that if you do use these designs, just remember to mention Stealthvape in your dispatches.

Download your DNA 75C files now !

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to the downloads section here, download your DNA 75c cut out files and get cracking. 

That DNA 75C mod ain’t going to build itself now is it?

We’re Temporarily Halting Monday’s Shipments

Royal Mail Roulette

Tuesdays are the new mondays

During lockdown, we’ve noticed an alarming increase in delays with items shipped by Royal Mail on Mondays. This is caused by two factors.

  1. Many Royal Mail workers are either off sick or off work caring for their children or dependent family members.
  2. The volume of items in Royal Mail’s network is currently exceeding Christmas levels.

Between these two issues Royal Mail is struggling to keep up and it seems to be the case that Monday’s post (which is a combination of Friday’s, Saturday’s, Sunday’s and also Monday’s orders) is the most likely to be delayed. Up to a week or more in some cases.

Mail shipped on any other day of the week is being affected to a much lesser degree.

So why and how does that work?

Well, Royal Mail aim for every day’s mail to be delivered within a reasonable time frame. 

If this was a restaurant, you’d expect each customer to be served in the order that they actually ordered their food.

But this isn’t the case with mail logistics.

So if Monday’s volume is huge and there’s a backlog, then Monday’s post is assigned to a different team to process. Usually during the Christmas period that would be a team of temp workers that would catch up with the delayed day’s post. This allows Tuesday’s and subsequent day’ to be processed as per usual.

If Royal Mail were to process the delayed Monday’s post, then move on to Tuesdays, then Tuesday’s post would also be delayed. The delay then snowballs out of control.

It’s a combination of Royal Mail’s efforts to ensure that one day’s problem doesn’t affect other day’s scheduling, but also a way to make their delivery statistics look great and thus keep their shareholders happy.

Vape reviewer, cultish personality and all-round legendary bell end Mark Roberts (aka TVP. The Artiste Formerly Known As The Vaping Postman) told us the situation is “horrendous mate, three times worse than the worst Xmas I’ve ever seen in twelve years. Can’t even fit all of York’s parcels in the office some days. It’s carnage”.  For more of Mark’s remarkably sagacious insights, check out his Youtube channel here.


TVP vape reviews

We have a solution

Starting Monday the 11th of May, we are no longer going to ship on Mondays and instead will hand the weekend’s mail over to Royal Mail on Tuesday. In the event of a Bank Holiday Monday, we will hand over to RM on the following Wednesday.

Thanks to the Jedi mind trick of Royal Mail’s way of dealing with delayed post on high volume days, this means that shipments we send on a Tuesday will almost certainly  be guaranteed to arrive more quickly than had we shipped on Monday.

This will also help take the strain off the mail network in general

The exception to this rule is that customers that choose Royal Mail Special Delivery will have their orders shipped on Monday as usual. 

DHL shipments will also continue to be processed as usual

What to do if you have a delayed shipment?

  1. Hang tight. Have confidence that items aren’t lost at the moment, they’re just subjected to delay, and in some cases quite long and significant delays.
  2. Check your tracking number.  Even non-tracked items shipped within the UK have a 2d barcode which is scanned upon delivery. This will give you an indication as to wether it’s still passing through the system.  You can find your 2d code either by checking your dispatch email or by going to your account and checking the order details.
  3. Keep an eye on Royal Mail Service Announcements. Check regularly to understand further why there may be a delay in receiving your goods. RM posts their updates here. For our article on Saturday deliveries, check out this post.
Slow mail bro?

What can I do?

Consider ordering by Special Delivery for important or time sensitive orders.  For larger orders DHL can also be an excellent choice.

But more than anything, please be patient in the understanding that our Royal Mail is being pushed to it’s limits at the moment. But this situation, like Covid-19, certainly won’t last forever.

A thanks to our postal workers

We’d like to share our gratitude to all delivery agents for their hard work. No PPE, extra volume, colleagues off sick,  but they’re still out there putting themselves at risk making sure the mail network is as efficient as can be. We wholeheartedly applaud their efforts.

Royal Mail banner

New Vape Wire Branding

New Stealthvape 316l, kanthal, ni80, nichrome80, nife wire reel spool branding

Updated branding for vape wire reels rolling out now!

Starting in May…

We’ve been using new labels and branding on our 70mm vaping wire reels as we spool them.

As for 50mm reels we’re going to use up the last of our stock and move over to using 70mm exclusively for all vape wire types and lengths.


Stealthvape wire reel branding

Thermal Overprint

We’re printing our new labels with a pair of industrial Honeywell Datamax M-Class 4206 Mk II thermal transfer printers. The label stock we use is CMYK pre printed labels that are custom made for us by a leading commercial printers. 

50mm labels for the smaller reels we’re gradually phasing out will continue to be printed on a Primera LX900.

These changes allow us to have a more consistent branding and label quality across all of our vaping wire products. The new process also offers us a more environmentally sound solution to our labelling requirements.

Batch monitoring

Printing labels on demand also allows us to print batch information onto vape wire reels and clapton wire shots labels. This allows us in the highly unlikely event of a quality control issue to quickly identify the product in question, and to take swift action to rectify any identified issues.

Wire shots have a batch ID, and reels have a 2d barcode. These indicate batch number, manufacturer, date of production and even the person who spooled that particular reel. At Stealthvape we value transparency and accountability. These changes empower our buyers.

Check out our range of vape wire

Providing the vape community with vape wire since 2011, our reputation is second to none. We have a massive selection of the cleanest, expertly spooled resistance and coiling wire right here. Choose from our nichrome 80, kanthal a1 or stainless steel 316 for power mode vaping. Or perhaps try our ni200, NiFe 30 or 316l for temperature control. Check out our awesome Brochrome ni80 flat wire for rowdy mech builds, or try our SVS Wire Shots for flavoursome pre-made clapton and complex coil builds.

Stealthvape is bound to have the best vape wire for your build. 

So why settle for less than the best?

“Stealthvape: the best vape wire since 2011”