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Choices, choices, choices

As an ex-primary teacher you get used to seeing fads come and go. One minute the playground is awash with marbles and games of tig, the next everyone is playing Call Of Duty and rifle butting their friends in the face with sticks. Things come into existence and vanish with the rapidity of atomic particles at CERN.

Some things remain constant. Tycho Brahe mapped out the movement of the stars and planets in ream upon ream of measurements (in-between his daytime job of sword-fighting to resolve mathematical disputes). Those measurements were honed by Johannes Kepler into three laws of planetary motion that hold as true today as they did in the 17th Century.

I’ve been vaping for around 18 months now and throughout that time fashions have come and gone. Currently, it seems that every mod being made in the Philippines is then produced in two different types of metal before being released in a black coating that has all the durability of butter in the sun.

The F5 button

Some are past masters, some have never needed to, others dream of the day they can afford to and there are those who think the whole process is ridiculous.

F5 refreshes the browser screen for those on the hunt for limited quantities of vaping goodies, by which I do not mean Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill (just a little bit) Oddie. Special launches, high prices and ridiculous demand.

But what do you do if you don’t have an F5 button on your keyboard.

One’s too many, ten’s not enough!

“One’s too many, ten’s not enough!”

It’s a line from a Pop Will Eat Itself song that a mate of mine had as the signature to his emails for years. Given PWEI’s predilection for appropriating popular culture (as well as samples from other songs) into their songs it has always bothered me. I needed to know what it meant, I think I do now.