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We have been busy over the last couple of months. Stealthvape knows that businesses can’t afford to rest on their laurels and we are keen to offer our service in as many formats as possible to make the shopping experience superior for all of our wonderful customers. The latest addition to Stealthvape stable is our Rebuildable SuppliesPowered by Stealthvape” website.

Choices, choices, choices

As an ex-primary teacher you get used to seeing fads come and go. One minute the playground is awash with marbles and games of tig, the next everyone is playing Call Of Duty and rifle butting their friends in the face with sticks. Things come into existence and vanish with the rapidity of atomic particles at CERN.

Some things remain constant. Tycho Brahe mapped out the movement of the stars and planets in ream upon ream of measurements (in-between his daytime job of sword-fighting to resolve mathematical disputes). Those measurements were honed by Johannes Kepler into three laws of planetary motion that hold as true today as they did in the 17th Century.

I’ve been vaping for around 18 months now and throughout that time fashions have come and gone. Currently, it seems that every mod being made in the Philippines is then produced in two different types of metal before being released in a black coating that has all the durability of butter in the sun.


“What’s a hotspot not?”

Ahh, who doesn’t look back fondly remembering those times when Michael Barrymore was nothing more than a genial host, in front of a bank of television sets, asking obvious quiz questions to people who seemed to be out on day release?

It’s not a good spot,” replied the audience. If any one knew where a good spot was in those days it was the British public because we were a generation raised on public information films.

We knew where not to fly a kite, we knew the dangers lurking in watery depths and we knew to be extra safe when crossing the road with Darth Vader. Public information films educated us all to know where our children were at night as they had taught us how to protect ourselves against an imminent cold war nuclear bomb.