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We wanted to provide you with a more streamlined way to shop for the best rebuildable vaping supplies. This also offered us the opportunity to beef up security for customer payments. Our new class-leading payment system uses SSL encryption, hosted iFrame integration and is fully PCI compliant – making your details as safe as possible. Payments can be completed directly through PayPal but without having the inconvenience of pop-ups. It compliments our online shop range of Amazon and eBay to give you an online experience with total peace of mind. On the subject of Amazon, they hold stocks of some of our products in their warehouse so that Prime customers can receive free delivery – and even order on a Sunday.

You will still find the same outstanding range of top quality silica wick, Voodoowool™, Kanthal, nichrome, Ni200, all manner of mesh and titanium wire. We have created a page dedicated to coiling tools and associated equipment too! We have expanded our range of coiling tools, bars, meters, screws, mandrels and tweezers – and will continue to do so.

The Rebuildable Supplies site will grow by the week due to guides answering the questions we are most frequently asked by vapers new and old. We see our role as providing a service that goes beyond selling products and want to support you in any way we can before and after you have made your purchase. We are on hand to answer any questions ranging from which wire to buy and how to build a coil through to more complex technical aspects of regulated mod building using our range of Evolv chips. We are even happy to answer your enquiries regarding which wick would best suit a particular atomiser.

As specialists in rebuildable ecig supplies offering items you can be confident in, we strive to constantly push the envelope by sourcing or designing products for electronic cigarettes to increase your vaping pleasure. We like to thing we go further to ensure that we source superior items and use major manufacturers.

The Rebuildable Supplies “Powered by Stealthvape†website carries identical products to the ones found on Stealthvape as compromise is not a word we are comfortable with. For example, our wire undergoes a secondary cleaning process on site before we rewind onto bespoke reels and include free sanity saver magnets to prevent unravelling.

And don’t forget to check out the free I

Choices, choices, choices

In fact, we’re seeing an unprecedented deluge of mods and atomisers from that part of the world with new models being announced on an almost weekly basis. And this is a problem. Well, to you this might not be a problem. To you problems might be what kind of curry to order tonight, whether to go with wine or beer and the fact that the postman still hasn’t delivered your vapemail.

In life I have three main problems: firstly, now the weather is nice I have the doors of the lounge open while I work. No problem there, you say. Now factor in the neighbours who shout a lot, have screaming children they swear at and possess the worst combined selection of music any person could have inflicted upon them. Odds are that you have or had neighbours like this or, if you are my neighbours, turn the damn tripe down.

My second problem is quite a challenging one – I own fourteen mods. No man or woman can possibly use all fourteen at once, not even in rotation. But the constant updates on websites make it impossible not to buy more. I’m currently waiting for my invoice from Mikro Engineering for my Challenger Mk.II – that’ll make it fifteen. To be honest, this isn’t the real problem…it’s what it leads to.

It creates problem number three. It is the one thing that vexes me most about vaping. I’ve got a toolbox; in the top compartments I store my charged batteries and my drip tips. On the wooden rack I built from part of my daughter’s ex-bed sit my range of attys. So the issue is that at any given moment I have to choose one from fourteen mods, one of three different battery sizes, one from fourteen attys, one from thirty drip tips and one from twenty four flavours.

That’s 423,360 possible combinations.

Four hundred and twenty-three thousand three hundred and sixty possible vape combinations! This ridiculous array of options for a man who struggles to decide whether to have a Jal Frezi or a Madras. When standing in the drinks aisle I can never decide between imported or home-brewed beer. This is the first time I’ve ever looked at this as a number, frankly I’m stunned.

But this problem doesn’t sit there, there’s the option of whether to go for Voodoowool, cotton, mesh, A1 Kanthal wire (which diameter?), ribbon (which width?), number of wraps, what resistance I think I might fancy and if to opt for single or dual wicks.

And then there are aesthetic considerations. For example, there is no way you could get away with a blue drip tip on a tarnished brass Kraken sitting proudly on a red aluminium Nemesis tube with a polished stainless switch & stealth cap and a polished brass lock ring. One minute you’re constructing a set-up to vape with, the next you’re looking at something as gaudy as a house covered in Xmas lights

I probably spend more time pondering whether or not the combination goes together than I do wicking and vaping the thing.

Life was so much easier when all I had was a Vamo and a Protank. I need a 21st Century Kepler to plan out a simple law of mod selection; either that, or a 21st Century Brahe to threaten to run me through with a sword if I don’t make my choice in 60 seconds flat.

I haven’t even touched upon the time spent online window-shopping.


They were simple to understand and the message was clear (even if sometimes a tad factually inaccurate). I never understood if you were meant to have a tin of white emulsion handy and the door already off its hinges. To be honest, not being a fan of DIY, if I hear those warnings now I’m running out and towards the target as fast as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good den but the idea of trying to construct one to withstand the detonation of a bomb in the space of five minutes is really going to push my patience to the limits. I would love to meet a person who grew up in a home where a parent had followed all of the Protect & Survive advice.

I wish the government had done a ‘Beginning with genny atomisers’ film though. Forget atom bombs, trying to coil my first genny filled me with dread and, like trying to follow the Protect & Survive guidance, always proved to be an utter waste of time.

Youtube is littered with instructional videos and forums are packed full of advice on how to coil a wick – but it’s invariably contradictory, albeit well meaning. The thing I find with Youtube is that most of the videos appear to have been made by hyperactive descendents of Barrymore’s contestants.

My chosen course of action after weeks of failed attempts was to do exactly the same as my Dad had done to protect us from fallout: nothing. The T2 went into a drawer and stayed there for another month. The reason, I discovered, that there are so many different pieces of advice is the wide array of coiling techniques available. If you are reading this at the start of your genny journey you’ll be nodding like a dog in the back of a 70’s Ford Capri.

The thing is, and this is the important bit, there is no correct way to do it. Despite being averse to DIY I’ve grown fond of attempting different set-ups. Practising the variety on offer will inevitably bring you to one that works for you.

With me it was brushing a cotton wool ball on the head of the mesh wick before coiling, even if the video was made by one of the world’s most annoying men. Like a thermonuclear flash, I lit up and vaped like I’d never vaped before.

It, like the Protect & Survive advice, has now been consigned to the history books as I’ve moved on to pulsing techiques with 400-grade mesh, coils and microcoils. It’s what works for me. Try out different coiling techniques; use the variety Kanthal packs on sale on this site (both ribbon and wire). Try mesh, silica, Voodoowool and steel rod but don’t worry if it doesn’t work first time around, eventually you’ll get the knack.

Before long you’ll be wicking without a second thought and wondering what the worry was about. Then you’ll just have to worry which atty to buy.


  • Don’t make the coil too tight or too loose.
  • Try to make the top of the coil close to the centre post.
  • Preheating wire helps it to maintain its shape when coiling.
  • In the event of a nuclear attack ensure you have enough precharged batteries and vaping supplies in your shelter.